About joint systems

We are an international service company with a focus on marketing and information systems in the nonprofit sector. As a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest children’s aid companies, we deliver a sustainable contribution to support fundraising.

Joint Systems GmbH operates a joint fundraising system, develops it further, offers methodical marketing analysis, fundraising advice and supports the employees of its customers. An important objective is economic and content synergies and a common learning to be successful with as little cost as possible.

Joint systems wants to be an attractive workplace for motivated people. This is the basis for our success and the excellent service to our customers.  We are a strong team of about 50 employees with a wide range of activities, who are happy to meet constantly new challenges.

Joint systems operates in a very diverse and dynamic environment. Disruptive technologies, agile organizational forms and increasing competitive pressure require adjustments and changes to business models and fundraising strategies. Our challenge is to maintain a successful and high-quality service while at the same time picking up and implementing new opportunities.

Abstimmungsgespräch bei joint systems

With its successful work for almost 20 years, joint Systems GmbH has proven
that the founding idea of its owners – synergy through cooperation – works!