Data-driven consulting and software solutions for fundraising.

With its successful work for more than 20 years, joint Systems has proven that the founding idea of its owners – synergy through cooperation – works!

Joint Systems

We are an international service company with a focus on marketing and information systems in the nonprofit sector. As a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest children’s aid companies, we deliver a sustainable contribution to support fundraising.

Joint Systems GmbH operates a joint fundraising system, develops it further, offers methodical marketing analysis, fundraising advice and supports the employees of its customers. Some of our most important obejctives to be successful with as little cost as possible are economic and content synergies, as well as common learning..

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What we do?

Fundraising-System Services

Centre of the work at joint systems is the Microsoft Dynamics based development of the fundraising software “FRnow”.

Fundraising Consulting & Analysis

We share the passion of our clients to optimize fundraising in order to generate more sustainable funding for their main challenges.

Campaign & Data Services

We support our customers with data selection, data cleansing, and enhancement for specific donor selections, utilizing various channels of communication.

Fundraising Software-Development

All areas of fundraising are supported efficiently and comprehensively by our software. Our main task is to design, develop and maintain our comprehensive software package FRnow.

Process optimization

We advise our clients on the analysis and optimisation of their fundraising processes. We assist in the planning and development of effective, clearly defined, resource-efficient and consistent processes in all areas of performance and adapt our systems continually.

IT Services and Infrastructure

The customer data is stored in our private cloud. In this context we are delivering all relevant technical infrastructure services. The security of customer data is one of our top priorities.

Data Science + Analytics

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field in which methods and techniques from mathematics, statistics and IT are applied to data from a particular context – in our case, the fundraising of our customer associations.

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