Based on our work for our four shareholder associations, a wide range of customers within the SOS Children’s village world is supported by Joint Systems. The diversified range of our services supports our customers particularly in terms of marketing activities, but general process analyses and exchange platforms are also provided. Due to the long-term intensive cooperation we can look back on the pleasing statistics of implemented projects, which are growing steadily in addition to the number of satisfied customers.

Our Customers

Our customers are based in the following countries:












South Africa




Shareholder associations


SOS Children’s Villages International

The umbrella organisation of SOS Children’s villages and the world’s largest non-governmental organization that cares for the welfare of children and families in risk situations. Since 1949, its stated goal has been to give children a loving home and defend their rights. This mission is followed by SOS Children’s villages in over 130 countries. Assistance is offered to about 800,000 children and young people seeking advice in numerous SOS facilities.


SOS Kinderdorf e.V., Austria

Offering a variety of long-term or temporary care and support for children, young people and their families in Austria and around the world. SOS Children’s village Austria helps quickly and unbureaucratically, for example in shared houses for children in critical situations, counselling centres, outpatient clinics and in the after-care service, where children, adolescents and their families find what they need so desperately: relief, support, and the prospect of a new perspective.


SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit Hermann-Gmeiner-Fonds-Deutschland e.V., Munich

Active on all continents for children in need. Currently there are 575 children’s villages around the world. When the first SOS Children’s village outside Europe was established in 1963 in Korea, Hermann Gmeiner founded a society in Germany for the support of SOS Children’s villages all over the world: SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide – Hermann-Gmeiner-Fonds-Deutschland e.V. The association has become the financial backbone of the international children’s Fund. Thanks to the support of many friends and sponsors, SOS Children’s villages were built all over the world to provide a home to children in need.


SOS Kinderdorf e.V., Munich

In addition to 16 SOS Children’s villages in Germany, SOS Kinderdorf e.V. operates many projects, such as SOS Children and youth services, SOS mother centres, SOS multi-generation houses and the village communities for people with intellectual disabilities. In addition, the association supports the worldwide work of SOS Children’s village.