Fundraising-System Services

Centre of the work at joint systems is the Microsoft Dynamics based development of the fundraising software „FRnow“. It is developed for the special needs of an NGO every days work. All fundraising processes are illustrated there and the system has a detailled API. Additionally to the software we offer a huge portfolio of consultancy, such as user-support, process analysis and process consulting.

To use our fundraising software FRnow in the best possible way, we advise our customers intensively. We discuss new ideas, improvements for existing processes and try to decrease workload for manual tasks. 

Customizing, process automation, reporting and other special requirements are developed based on customers‘ requests. We accompany the whole process from conception to implementation to monitoring and improving.

Fundraising System Support bei Kundenbetreuung

Fundraising Consulting and Analysis

We share the passion of our clients to optimize fundraising in order to generate more sustainable funding for their main challenges.

We provide data driven analyses, derived strategies and measures, accompanied and evaluated. Our range of services covers main strategic issues, e.g. segmentation and development of the donor base as well as day-to-day operational tasks such as advising selections or analysing results of specific fundraising activities. In this process we take into account the increasingly differentiated donation behaviour, the need for cross-channel optimised fundraising and individual donor journeys.

The added value of our support is drawn from our broad experience working with our clients, as well as our team’s long standing expert knowledge in analysing and profound marketing competence.


Teambesprechung bei joint systems

In accordance with our guiding principle, learning faster through joint efforts, we are the platform for our clients to share findings in fundraising. We provide benchmarks for fundraising results, measures and channels; we organize events for the exchange of experience such as the „Marketingdays“ and make use of the joint magazine to convey knowledge between our clients.

We provide intensive analysis of the development of donor pyramides and the relative contribution of individual donor groups to the overall fundraising result of the associations. These analysis results are presented in workshops where we also elaborate measures for optimizing specific donor groups.

We coach our clients in the analysis of donor behaviour and structural description of donor groups and offer comprehensive segmentation advice.  Selection consulting for fundraising activities and –campaigns as well as performance and profitability analyses of them are just as much part of our business as regular reporting and ad-hoc analyses. Together with our clients, we conduct channel focused workshops as a base for annual planning.

Support in the development of new products, channels and business areas. Creation of personas and development, implementation and evaluation of persona specific cross-channel donor journeys.

We work with our clients through the entire test process: from the design of tests and test series, the implementation and monitoring of the test execution to the analyis and interpretation of the results.

Development of market research designs, questionnaires and analyses or support in external market research contracting (briefing, interpretation of results) respectively.

Campaign & Data Services

We support our customers with data selection, data cleansing, and enhancement for specific donor selections, utilizing various channels of communication. We guarantee high delivery quotas and avoidance of double delivery by means of reliable double checks and continuous control of data quality and data consistency. Our services are completed by handling of debit collections, processing of ELKO (electronic bank account statement) files, and the execution of customer specific routines.

Data selection for marketing campaigns and operating processes based on various criteria and data preparation for postal mailings and e-mailings as well as phone acquisitions.

Data cleansing of master data for lead mailings and consulting for optimal outcomes of data cleansing processes. Data preparation for lead campaigns via postal mailings and generation of lead data for CRM system

Validation and revision of master data by defined standards and address- and data management (address changes and revisions etc.). Data cleansing of donor data and preparations and servicing of routines (address quality, postal returns, double checks)

Preparation of debit transfers and import and booking of ELKO files plus execution of routines

IT-Services Mitarbeiter

Fundraising Software-Development

All areas of fundraising are supported efficiently and comprehensively by our software. Our main task is to design, develop and maintain our comprehensive software package FRnow. It is specifically adapted to the needs of our customers and can be adapted to national requirements. In addition we support our customers in different Fundraising projects.

FRnow is based on the latest CRM365 software by Microsoft. Thus, a high degree of flexibility and permanent development of the technological base is ensured.

Fundraising-Beratungsgespräch bei joint systems

Our Data Processing Concept results from the definded requirements of a 4-person design team (core team) in combination with the data model, the individual functions and algorithms or the object and class structure. The concept is then implemented by the development team in the actual software.

Our Software Developers in Munich have sound knowledge of IT as well as comprehensive competence in the area of fundraising.

After the implementation of our software solution a continuous follow-up service is provided. This includes the operational support of our account managers as well as improvements to the software if required.

New technologies, modified legal regulations and requirements and changes in donor behaviour require a constant adaptation of the software. We take account of this fact with a continuous development of our Fundraising Software.

Process optimization

We advise our clients on the analysis and optimisation of their fundraising processes. We assist in the planning and development of effective, clearly defined, resource-efficient and consistent processes in all areas of performance and adapt our systems continually.

In consulting engagements, we optimise our software FRnow according to our customers processes and therefore guarantee efficient support. These processes are documented for the better traceability.

In change processes, we support our customers from first implementation to the takeover in a daily routine.

We offer our expertise for the planning, implementation and follow-up of data migration as well as the integration of external systems.

Joint system is a key partner in the development and further development of a fundraising strategy and accompanies its customers on the way to the equity financing.

Brainstorming bei joint systems

IT Services and Infrastructure

The customer data is stored in our private cloud. In this context we are delivering all relevant technical infrastructure services. The security of customer data is one of our top priorities.

IT-Service Mitarbeiterin

This includes hosting services of CRM and SAP systems as well as the installation and administration of databases and document management systems. All application and database servers are running in our virtualized system environment.

All data is stored in professional storage systems. We are using high-end technology in order to satisfy the needs concerning data security and system performance.

Our internal IT security experts, system engineers as well as external security experts continuously ensure the security of data, systems and networks.

For end-to-end integration of internal and external systems we offer different technical solutions. Based on web services and cloud services we are implementing various integration scenarios for our customers.

Within the scope of projects and technical challenges we support our customers with our know-how and consultancy services.

 Data Science + Analytics

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field in which methods and techniques from mathematics, statistics and IT are applied to data from a particular context – in our case, the fundraising of our customer associations. We closely collaborate with Fundraising Consulting. When it comes to our customers, the mentioned methods and the generated insights should support them to further optimize their fundraising measures. Our approach to data science comprises the following areas:

We implement and optimize reporting processes for our customers within our tool environment which consists of a Business Intelligence System (Cubes, Views, Microsoft Power BI), the Process Designer, statistical applications (R, SPSS) and other tools

e.g. Regression Models, Survival Analyses etc. in the context of churn analyses, optimization of lifetime value, upgrade potential etc.

Gaining insights from structured and unstructured (e.g. text-based) data, for instance by applying classification methods, clustering techniques and text mining.

Ongoing evaluation which internal and external data sources can be integrated for in-depth analyses.

Testing and applying machine learning methods in terms of supervised learning (with known variables) as well as unsupervised learning (finding structures in non-labelled data).

Applying best practices in visualizing and communicating information (focus on usability, comprehensibility, interpretability, interactivity)

Researching the tool market as well as tool evaluation and test – and last, but not least, hosting the blog

Data Science Team diskutiert über Ergebnisse